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Vertical roller mill grinding machine for high sulfur petroleum coke

In the field of high-sulfur petroleum coke milling, SBM heavy-duty vertical roller mill grinding machine has high application value and prominent position in the market. As a high-quality manufacturer of milling equipment, SBM heavy machine has always pursued technological innovation as its development mission. By introducing more advanced scientific and technological innovations, we will promote new high-efficiency vertical roller mills to replace traditional mills to achieve high-yield and high-efficiency milling. The price and selection configuration of the oil coke mill grinding machine formulated by SBM heavy machine for the specific processing information of the customer is more in line with the customer's site requirements, and is a high-tech manufacturer that helps more customers create market benefits.
The performance indexes of SBM heavy machine oil coke vertical roller mill are greatly improved. The fineness of the product can be adjusted between 80-400 mesh, which can effectively increase the unit output of single equipment and reduce the energy consumption per unit. It is mainly composed of main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electric control system, collection system, etc. The structure is advanced and reasonable, the vibration of the machine is very small, the noise is low, the machine runs smoothly, the performance is reliable, not only high yield Efficient, but also energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-quality equipment, equipped with pulse dust collector in the residual air outlet, the dust collection efficiency is up to 99%, and all the positive pressure parts of the main engine are sealed, which can realize the dust-free processing workshop. In unit time, the equipment is The processing capacity of the material is larger. Under the premise of the same total power of the vertical roller mill, the output is increased by more than 40% year-on-year, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is widely used in the petroleum coke milling field. The best choice for increasing production capacity, reducing energy consumption, and improving the competitiveness of the market and market efficiency.
How to achieve the clean utilization of high-sulfur petroleum coke and improve economic efficiency has become a concern of the domestic refining industry. The use of high sulfur petroleum coke mainly has two directions:
(1) Direct combustion as a fuel for cement kiln or boiler fuel;
(2) Gasification of high-sulfur petroleum coke to produce syngas or for steam power generation. With the increase in the production of high-sulfur petroleum coke, the use of high-sulfur petroleum coke has received increasing attention. As a high-quality equipment for high-sulfur petroleum coke production, SBM heavy machine new vertical roller mill grinding machine breaks through the drawbacks of traditional mill grinding, and achieves high-yield, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving production. It is to enhance the market efficiency and broaden the application of high-sulfur petroleum coke. Preferred equipment in the field.

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