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L'url "http://www.jdsanzo.net" vient d'être crée. Il est possible qu'il y ai des problème d'identification. Merci alors de faire clique droit / ouvrir onglet pour s'identifier ;)
Au vue des problème technique de cette plateforme, je travail dès à présent sur une futur version ... l'url ne changera pas.

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Excellent product. My wife loves it!!
   Amaan Zaman
I bought this to replace a damaged CD that got left in the car by accident.  Despite this being one of Bon Jovi's older albums, it was actually still seeing occasional use in my cars CD.  Unfortunately, it was left on the dash on a sunny day and became warped.  Since
it really is a pretty good album ( Bad Medicine,  Lay your hands on me,  I'll be there for you )  I just had to replace it.  I'm glad I did !
   Andrea Nolan
Really like it. Looks true to size and colors are very pretty. Sewn very well. Nice material. 60/40 blend cotton/polyester for little shrinkage and no wrinkles.
   Andy Lacaba
Haven't watched it.  But my spouse is very happy.
   Mirjana Rupertus
Fits great.  Just what  i wanted.
   Rob Cantwell
Great fit, great material. Love the design.
   Michelle Burns

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