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L'url "http://www.jdsanzo.net" vient d'être crée. Il est possible qu'il y ai des problème d'identification. Merci alors de faire clique droit / ouvrir onglet pour s'identifier ;)
Au vue des problème technique de cette plateforme, je travail dès à présent sur une futur version ... l'url ne changera pas.

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Oscar Martin Herranz
   arrived quickly and as described.
Vench Figueroa
   This season was very entertaining to say the least. There is much more action in this season than the following ones. My only negative comment is it states it is uncensored, but it is not!  It blurs out nudity and only allows SOME curse words to be said which is disappointing.
Paola Pace
   These little gloves are perfect for any little gardener.  Their fun, vibrant color just adds to the fun of any little helping hand! Perfect size for a variety of ages.
Лъчезар Димитров
   Very nice quality and fit!
Wahyu Setya Wardana
   Music great, story interesting, well played.

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