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L'url "http://www.jdsanzo.net" vient d'être crée. Il est possible qu'il y ai des problème d'identification. Merci alors de faire clique droit / ouvrir onglet pour s'identifier ;)
Au vue des problème technique de cette plateforme, je travail dès à présent sur une futur version ... l'url ne changera pas.

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Christian Barten
   Good purchase!
Ryan Tiongson
   I was having trouble finding a sheet to fit my Port-a-crib.  This sheet is perfect.
Love the quality of the fabric and stitching is done well.  I fell it will hold up.
Carleen Alves-Crespo
   Ordered a large as this is what I usually wear and it fit perfect. Zippered pocket in the back works well for things such as keys but it is large enough for a phone. I put my phone in one of the two open pockets and it stayed there just fine. For the price, this is a really nice biking shirt. Would definitely buy again.

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